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Building trust is a key operational tenant of SecureStrux, an Arlington-based cybersecurity firm. In an effort to ensure data privacy for both commercial and government customers, SecureStrux has deployed a number of technology enhancements to further bolster the company’s trusted ISO 9001 certified infrastructure and operational processes.

Two-Factor Authentication

To begin, the WOSB cybersecurity firm implemented system-wide two-factor authentication (2FA) across all platforms to meet corporate and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) requirements. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is being adopted as best practice across all industries to further protect personal and corporate networks.

End-to-End Encryption

Additionally, SecureStrux has activated end-to-end encryption from the desktop to the cloud so that all data at rest and in transit is secure and full non-repudiation enforcement. The company’s distributed team of experts rely on remote storage and secure data transmission in the field to provide further assurance to customers and workgroups all over the globe.

Secured Laptops

Finally, to complement the industry-standard protocols mentioned above, SecureStrux has recently deployed a new fleet of secured laptops and portable devices for their teams to continue delivering exceptional technical support with increased confidence at customer sites and remote locations.

These changes are representative of the company’s commitment to maintaining a leadership position in the industry, with a focus on quality and best practice. As trusted advisors to a wealth of customers in both the government and commercial sector, SecureStrux believes these enhancements will ensure maximized efficiency, and save costs by preventing losses.

SecureStrux serves as a model for strategic investment in next generation infrastructure, and is well-positioned to consult with organizations seeking technological currency and operational readiness through secure networking and data management. Visit to connect with one of our experts.

About SecureStrux

SecureStrux, LLC is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Cybersecurity Firm that provides specialized services in the areas of compliance, vulnerability management, cybersecurity strategies, and engineering solutions. We offer a comprehensive range ofservices that provide clients with proven methods and common-sense approaches to secure their data, build trust with their clients, and remain compliant with DoD, Federal, and Commercial cyber governance.

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